Who We Are


We are Chinese supplier and solution provider for ergonomic office products including height adjustable standing desk, sit stand desk riser & monitor arm and so on.

With key veteran of more than 8 years in-depth know-hows have given the company an unparalleled edge in the mastery and integration of the whole value chain.

With our market insight and experienced knowledge focusing on US & Australian market in the last few years,  we are able to catch the new trends and explore more new related ergonomic office products to enrich our product lines. As well as providing valuable market information when needed.

We think ahead of most of our competitors who are still lack of understanding the market well or a good way of thinking to deal with customers.

We are not a face-less supplier, we focus on getting out, meeting and supporting our customers with our frequent presence oversea, which is very important to build trust by face-to-face.

We know it is not about us, we are customer focused and value oriented. We always have been, and we always will be.

Our Value

We value our customers.

We are always responsible for our customers with quality products and working experience. We are dedicated to listening to the needs of our customers closely and keep on continuously effort to exceed expectations. Every detail we do can tell.

We value Integrity.

Integrity is in our DNA.

Our purpose is to create mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers as basis for growth.

We are committed to doing the right thing. It is easy to find a supplier, but it is not easy to find a reliable supplier.

We value continuous learning.

We know the growth comes from experience. The constant improvement in the way we think and act brings about new knowledge and skills, allowing us to optimize processes and operation system.

What makes us difference?

The “People”. Great mind makes a difference.


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