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Power & cord free mobile pneumatic height adjustable desk . 

Sit to stand in 3 seconds. 

8X’s Faster than Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The four reasons why you choose Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk

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No electric power source required, flexible to mobile in any location

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Budget Friendly than electric desk

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More smooth for adjustment than hand crank standing desk

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Low defective rate when considering aftersale service compared to electric components

Portfolio of Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk

Turn up the inspiration with our pneumatic height adjustable desk

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Height Adjustable Standing Desk Manufacturer

The Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturing Process

The factory production workflow of a pneumatic height adjustable desk from China.

Raw material inspection

First of all, the quality control team will be responsible for the full inspection of all in-coming parts.

Preparation Procedure

The production manager will conduct a plan and schedule for all orders in preparation procedure in order to finish production on time. And we will distribute all parts to each production line.

Logo printing

Each of the column of height adjustable desk will have a unique logo Identification for OEM orders.


When all parts are finished, we can start the production and assembly. From the gas spring to the frame, then the hand control is connected to all the related parts and other accessories.


We will conduct quality check both on process and after assembly. We will check all the parts including gas spring, linear actuator, hand control and frame.

Full Assembly Test

The full assembly test is actually another form of inspection. We have in-house test lab especially design for load capacity testing, which is the most important part of a pneumatic height adjustable desk.

Packaging and Loading

For loading more quantity in a container, we disassembly the frame as modules to maximize the space. We use commercial grade steel and strong foam to protect our height adjustable desk from damage during long time shipping.


At this part, we will implement all necessary customs clearance before the goods is loaded. Meanwhile we will let you know when the goods arrives at the destination port in advance.

How You Get Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk

Send a inquiry

You can send us the inquiry by emails or through Wechat, Whatsapp, Phone call with your detailed information.


According to you inquiry, Jergo sales team will offer the quotation sheet in 12 hours accordingly.


Start the discussion of more details like colors, shipping time, price term, payment terms and other details with our sales reps.

Sample checking

When you receive the samples, check and evaluate it, and provide us your feedback towards the pneumatic height adjustable desk.


When the sample is confirmed, both parties will sign a contract to make all details clear like OEM requirements, production time, payment terms and so on.

Production & Delivery

The mass production will begin when we receive the deposit. When we receive the balance payment, we will book the shipment and delivery the goods to the nearby port on time.



 Jergo is Chinese supplier and solution provider for ergonomic office products including height adjustable standing desk, sit stand desk riser & monitor arm and so on.

With our market insight and experienced knowledge focusing on US & Australian market in the last few years, Jergo is able to catch the new trends and explore more new related ergonomic office products to enrich our product lines. As well as providing valuable market information when needed


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About Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk

What is the Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk?

Pneumatic height adjustable desk supplier – Jergo is providing 2 stage option only. 

It works completely without electricity.

It operates with gas spring that compress and expand when actuated to go up and down. 

It makes the height adjustment smooth, quick and effortless as well as quiet as air.

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Every Space Count

Why Choose Us

Experienced Team

- China height adjustable desk supplier with more than 10 years international trading experiences

- OEM / ODM is all supported by our professional engineer team

- 24 hours / 7 days available

Superior Quality

- Rigorous quality checking system

- 5 years warranty for height adjustable desk including motor, control box and control panel.

- Technical support is all available

BIFMA certified

- We have available certification of BIFMA for the pneumatic height adjustable desk with desktop.

We Are Not Cheapest But Very RELIABLE

95% Customer Satisfaction. Worry-Free Aftersale Service 

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What Our Customers Have To Say


Normally our MOQ of height adjustable desk is 50 sets, standing desk converter is 50 sets, monitor arm is 100 sets. But we know all business grow from small, we are supporting for trial orders with less than MOQ when needed.

For electric height adjustable desk, we offer 5 years for both the frame and the motor.

For pneumatic height adjustable desk, we offer 5 years for both the frame and gas lift components.

For monitor arm, we offer 1 year, but it can be extended with our VIP customers.

Normally we just sell desk frames to our customers, and they will purchased desktop locally according to their projects. But we also have solid resources for desktop if needed.

Technically, our production lead time is about 25-30 days, and 35-45days when production line is busy. If there is any emergency, we could help to coordinate the schedule.

With our mission to help our customers cut down converting costs, we don’t believe in over-priced strategy.

Different manufacturers have different advantages on manufacturing cost, the supply chain behind them is also different. We improve the competitiveness on finish product costs by actively seeking best possible advantage raw material suppliers.

The nature of business is all about the people. We have the key partner to access to the whole supply chain and introduce the most competitive products among those competitors.

We never settle on quality with low prices to win the orders, it is not a long term business, but just one time sell/buy deal.

We have our strict SOP on manufacturing process inspection on site by our staff.

Height adjustable desks are also tested for their performance, speed, loading capacity and stability by final quality control teams before delivery. Moreover, our component providers run additional test procedures for their products on our standing desks.

This ensures quality product and timely delivery you can count on.

We have proven track record of creating smart, go-to-market solutions——all supported by a robust Quality System.

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