The Standing Desk Is Gaining More Market Share -3M Theory Analysis for Standing desk

The Standing Desk Is Gaining More Market Share -3M Theory Analysis for Standing desk

Technically, there is no single desk height can fit all individuals since users will vary in height. Height adjustable standing desk can achieve different heights to give users optimal ergonomic postures.

For example, a height adjustable standing desk should go up to users’ L shape elbow height or positioned 90 degrees from the floor.

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There is no doubt that more comfortable working environment, the more productive people can perform during the work.

That’s why the height adjustable standing desk does matter. And it definitely will be 100% necessary for all in the soon future.

Today i will use 3M Theory to analyze the standing desk market.


01 Market Size

Here’s the list of the 25 largest American office furniture manufacturers and their European counterparts

Note: All turnovers in million euro – conversion rate : 1$ = 0,9€


See refer:

This list is topped by Steelcase, Herman Miller and Haworth. Their turnover is a stunning 6-7 times larger than European leader Kinnarps.

If we take a closer look at the top 25 in Europe compared to the top 25 in the USA, it’s striking that only the turnover of the 15 largest companies differ strongly. Kinnarps wouldn’t make it to the top 10 in the USA, but the turnover of number 16 in Europe is comparable to the turnover of the number 16 in the USA.

We all know that the North America is a big market for most industries as well as leading the market trends in the front. Let’s take Northern American market for example as bellow.


See refer:

Seen from the data, we could see that the overall trends is growing.

It was estimated that he Global Height Adjustable Standing Desk Market Value can be $18,800 million in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.1% during 2018-2025.($10,800 million in 2017)

The Consumption Market Share of Height Adjustable Standing Desk:

North America: 31%

Europe: 30.7%

Market Penetration Rate: 5%-10%

North America Potential Market: $3348 million

European Potential Market: $3315.6 million


01 Market Trends

Goods trends offers better reference for the search results for “standing desk” or” height adjustable desk” and similar ergo related search terms by consumers have going up obviously over the last 5 years.

Google trends is the most useful tool i use to do some marketing research, it can say it values million dollar if it brings you a new insight, i strongly recommend this tool to everyone)

See bellow detailed information:



05 06

It is obviously that the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand as well as Singapore stand outs, which means the growing needs on those markets, which should be paid attention to. And it is going up rapidly during the Coronavirus period due to working from home trends.

You can also search by countries for respective data. For example i will choose “United Kingdom” &“Mexico” for reference.

07 08

09 10

Seen from above information, we could see United Kingdom is exactly in growing trends, however the Mexico market haven’t started yet.

Generally, Most developing countries will be at least 2-3 years (or even more) late trends than US market & European markets.

Any customers in home furniture or office furniture related industry from Mexico should pay critical attention to Mexico market as it is good opportunity to introduce standing desk products earlier to your market. It is less competitive in the early stage. And you can gain the large market share with your existing matured sales channels by adding as your new products. This is what i witnessed in America market. In America, some new brands coming into the market because they grab the trends in the earlier stage and those traditional big US brands can only find a way to acquire them when they notice that they lose large market share…….


03 Market Competitiveness

American Height Adjustable Standing desk brands for ergonomic office furniture industry


European Manufacturers of Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Manual & Gas Spring Comparisons


Dual Motors Comparisons


Dual Motors Comparisons (Large volume online retailer)


Above is some well-know brand considering ergonomic office furniture industry. You can easily catch them when you search online.


05 Why Ergonomic Products

The Ergonomic Market is Growing




At last

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